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Through middle and high school, Jen Suran received an extensive and wide-ranging education at The Alabama School of Fine Arts in their Mathematics and Science program. With a background so rich in the sciences, it was a surprise to many when she started studying film at the University of New Orleans. After only a week of classes, Hurricane Katrina weeding by examplestruck. Although she had the opportunity to transfer to a new school, she wanted to return to the city she fell in love with and help with the rebuilding effort. Most importantly, she was able to document on film the struggles and inspirations during the renewal of New Orleans.  

The award-winning Weeding by Example introduced Suran as a talented, up and coming film editor. In May of 2009, Suran completed two short documentaries called In Our Shoes and The Madcap Bridge. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film, concentrating in post-production and hypermedia art.  Later, in a commission by the City of New Orleans and NOVAC, she collaborated with local filmmakers Kathleen Ledet and Rebecca Ferris on a short documenting wetland restoration.

living with hurricanesIn November of 2009, she became in-house editor for Côte Blanche Productions under directors Michelle Benoit and Glen Pitre. There she focused on multimedia video installations formuseums including the Eddie G. Robinson Museum, the Tunica-Biloxi Tribal Museum, and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Their fourteen-screen video installation in the Louisiana State Museum's Living with Hurricanes permanent exhibit received a coveted MUSE award which celebrates museum excellence.

elle posterIn spring 2013, Suran edited her first documentary feature directed by Quentin Tarantino's "camera angel," Geraldine Brezca. The film explores the life and work of an eccentric 72-year-old local artist and her journey to kill off Barbie. The documentary, Elle, is slated to premiere in the Fall of 2013.

Her talents can also be seen in graphic design for various websites and film promotions. You can often see her design work hidden along film sets and on prop logos. In her free time she dabbles in amateur meteorology, enjoys creating digital fine art, and takes pride in playing the autoharp. Suran plans to continue to pursue a career in non-fiction editing, while emphasizing work with local non-profit organizations.