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Welcome to my official portfolio website. A native of Alabama, I now work in my adopted hometown of New Orleans as a freelance non-fiction video editor and graphic designer. Here you can find my latest film and design projects as well as my most recent editing reel.

elle posterAlso, I'm happy to announce my latest documentary, Elle, will be premeiring at the New Orleans Film Festival, October 10-17, 2013. Directed by Argentinian documentarian Geraldine Brezca, Elle is the portrait of a 72-year-old New Orleans artist on a quest to rid the world of toy Barbies. Artist Jesse Freeman introduces her alternative, a paper doll named Elle, using bright colors, playful design, and boldly-worded text in a thoroughly engaging and innovative way. Brezca observes Freeman's wandering memories that mold her interpretations, as well as the supportive tight-knit community around Freeman in this melodious & dynamic documentary.

I look forward to hearing how I might help your future cinematic or design endeavors. Be sure to drop me a line on the contact page!

- Jen Suran